State Bird Provisions – ‘World Peace’ Peanut Muscovado Milk


“Peanut Muscovado Milk – or, as we call it at State Bird, ‘World Peace’ – is a simple, intense infusion: peanuts steeped in milk and cream, then sweetened with muscovado sugar. People seem to think it tastes like a liquid Snickers bar. It got its nickname because of the “now I want to give you a hug” reaction it inspires.” – Nicole Krasinski. Pastry Chef & Co-owner, State Bird Provisions.

Non-alcoholic. This recipe contains dairy & peanut


“La Cocina is my charity of choice. As incubators for low-income food entrepreneurs, Stuart and I have long supported La Cocina whenever we’re able. Diversity in the culinary world is so important, and La Cocina is a force in making sure that remains strong in the Bay Area.” – Nicole Krasinski


Nicole Krasinski is the Pastry Chef/Co-Owner of State Bird Provisions, The Progress, and The Anchovy Bar in San Francisco. She is also co-author of “State Bird Provisions: A Cookbook”.

Nicole’s pastry and baking skills were first nurtured at the Red Hen Bakery in Chicago under Chef Nancy Carey. In 2004, Nicole and husband Chef Stuart Brioza were both recruited by Restaurateur Drew Nieporent and Master Sommelier Larry Stone to take over the kitchens at the famed San Francisco restaurant: Rubicon. In less than a year, the duo’s cooking reestablished the decade-old restaurant as one of the top dining destinations in San Francisco, gaining both local and international recognition.

In December of 2011, after a few years of travel, exploration, and starting a family together, Nicole and her husband opened the award-winning State Bird Provisions, which introduced their new way of thinking about dining and service.

In December of 2014, the couple opened The Progress to critical acclaim, and most recently The Anchovy Bar in September 2020.

By following their own style and ethos, they continue to change perceptions around dining and service with each new dining concept. They are driven by the desire to consistently provide a unique environment where people can expect interesting food, distinctive beverages, and meaningful service. They believe in order to do this, they must remain focused on, support, and respect the foundations of their businesses: their staff and purveyors.

State Bird Provisions has received the following recognition and accolades throughout the years:

  • One Michelin Star: 2014-2019 (State Bird Provisions) + 2017-2019 (The Progress)
  • James Beard Foundation Nominee: Book Awards, Restaurant and Professional 2018 (State Bird Provisions: A Cookbook, Ten Speed Press)
  • James Beard Award: Best Chefs West 2015 (State Bird Provisions)
  • James Beard Foundation Nominee: Best New Restaurant 2015 (The Progress)
  • James Beard Award: Best New Restaurant 2013 (State Bird Provisions)
  • Bon Appetit Magazine’s Best New Restaurant of 2012 (State Bird Provisions)


1529 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115

Photo Credit: Ed Anderson

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State Bird Provisions World Peace Peanut Muscovado Peanut Milk
State Bird Provisions – ‘World Peace’ Peanut Muscovado Milk