Macchialina – Macchialina’s Calabrese Chocolate Liqueur


“The combination of spice from the Calabrian chilies, with the sweetness from the cocoa all while serving it icy cold from the freezer, is what makes this a harmonious experience.” – Jacqueline Pirolo. Managing Partner & Beverage Director, Macchialina.

This recipe contains alcohol



“Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation is the charity I chose to work with. They address quality-of-life issues that disproportionately affect restaurant workers such as racial justice, support for the immigrant community, mental health and substance abuse issues, gender equity, sexual violence, and wage fairness.” – Jacqueline Pirolo


Jacqueline Pirolo never intended to pursue a career in the restaurant industry, but she knew she wanted to build a family business inspired by her native cuisine and her upbringing.

Born in Italy and raised stateside in an Italian household with three older brothers, Jacqueline took her first dive into the culinary industry waiting tables at a lively Italian eatery while earning her bachelor’s degree in Busines Marketing from the State University of New York.

Upon graduating, Jacqueline worked as a Production Coordinator at the Gravity Visual Effects House for a short while but soon returned to the restaurant industry in 2011. Together with her brothers, they opened The Saint Austere in Brooklyn, New York where she served as owner and general manager. She has overseen every detail of The Saint Austere since its inception, and many would attest that the restaurant’s overwhelming success could be accredited to her skillful management.

Jacqueline now oversees the beverage program as well as day-to-day operations of the award-winning rustic Italian eatery, Macchialina, where she has garnered a Pineapple Award for Best Sommelier (2018) and a Wine Spectator Award (2019). She was also featured another time in Wine Spectator for her “small but mighty” wine list.


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Macchialina Macchialinas Calabrese Chocolate Liqueur
Macchialina – Macchialina’s Calabrese Chocolate Liqueur