Sinema Restaurant + Bar – Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet


“This rich and delicious cookie recipe has become a staple both at Sinema and in my own life as whenever I’m asked to bring anything to an event, it’s almost always what I’m asked to bring. The base dough is salty and sweet with the browned butter bringing in an almost nutty and roasted flavor, and it’s easily adaptable to have just about any cookie topping you can think of. At Sinema we’ve also stuffed these cookies with Dulce de Leche and chocolate ganache in the past to really bring the experience of these cookies to a new level. You are limited only by your imagination with this recipe!” – Pastry Chef, Kat Bland


This recipe gives back to Nashville Food Project.

Nutritious food is a basic human right, yet 1 in 7 Nashvillians do not have access to the food they want and need. The Nashville Food Project is a community food project that brings people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food. Our work connects people to nutritious food and to each other through vibrant urban agriculture projects, made-from-scratch meals cooked in our kitchens, and food shared with local poverty-disrupting partners.


Kat Bland is a talented culinary professional who has been dedicatedly working at Sinema since July 2019. Her journey began during her time at Nashville State Community College’s culinary program when she had a chance encounter with Chef Kyle Patterson during his guest teaching appearance. After a subsequent meeting at Tennessee Flavors, Kyle offered Kat a standing job at Sinema, where she has thrived under his guidance. Despite having less than two years of culinary experience prior to joining Sinema, Kat’s time at the restaurant has been transformative. With Kyle’s unwavering belief in her abilities and the nurturing environment he cultivated in the kitchen, Kat has been able to explore her creativity, constantly expand her culinary knowledge and push her boundaries. She owes much of her success to the invaluable foundation provided by her chef instructors at Nashville State, especially chefs Marylou Tate and Jessica Collins, who equipped her with the essential skills to build her culinary career. Kat is forever grateful for their contributions to her journey.


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Sinema Restaurant + Bar – Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet