Myriad Gastropub – Ricotta Zeppole with Bourbon Caramel Sauce


“These are a bit of a refined version of these amazing “Italian donuts” that I had as a child each year when the carnival would come to town in the summer. There is nothing like a freshly fried donut. At my restaurant Myriad, we have a globally inspired menu so we bumped them up to make them more interesting. We make them with local ricotta cheese which makes them so delicate and tender. We toss them with Cardamom sugar for an interesting twist. The sauce recipe here is for our bourbon caramel sauce which is also great with other desserts and ice cream. At Myriad we also serve them with a Chai-flavored anglaise. I hope you dig them as much as I do.” – Trish Tracey. Chef & Owner, Myriad Gastropub.


“Although we normally support many local charities currently we would like to support our staff. They are all working so hard during this incredibly stressful time but we really just don’t have enough hours for them. Please support them through our Team Myriad Go Fund Me. Funds go directly to the employees for them to use to support themselves.” – Trish Tracey


Trish began cooking at home with her large, close-knit family in New Jersey as the youngest of six. As a teenager, she discovered a deep love for food and for helping to create a shared, family experience around the dinner table. Those early experiences still inspire her today and shape what she creates for guests at Myriad. After working in restaurant kitchens during high school, she moved on to formal culinary training at Johnson and Wales University. She felt she was in heaven, feeling lucky to have figured out her dream and her future – she has never looked back since.

Trish moved to San Francisco to broaden her skills and expertise, landing her first job as Sous Chef at Roti and assuming her first Executive Chef position there after less than a year. Several years later, she moved on to open Momo’s and lead the kitchen there, learning the ins and outs of high-volume cooking and honing her skills with a wood-burning oven. Next, she joined the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants group and continued her exploration of culinary influences from around the world at Helios Global Brasserie in Cupertino. Returning to San Francisco, she extended her culinary palette again by creating tapas and other Spanish fares at Ramblas in the Mission while also running the kitchen at ThirstyBear Brewing Company.

In 2007 Trish went home to New Jersey, where she spent time with her family and opened Mixx Bistro to critical praise and a warm welcome from the community. In 2010 Trish once again returned to San Francisco, the city that she loves, to open Myriad. Here she mastered a diverse array of culinary traditions and techniques, joining a vibrant, creative, and distinctive culinary culture, to bring people together as she has since her own childhood.

In 2015 Trish opened Myriad Gastropub in San Francisco’s district. She now works alongside her team and countless other restaurant owners to keep her business viable and keep her team together.


2491 Mission St,
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Myriad Gastropub Ricotta Zeppole with Bourbon Caramel Sauce
Myriad Gastropub – Ricotta Zeppole with Bourbon Caramel Sauce