Mamaleh’s – Noodle Kugel


“We took inspiration from a variety of recipes that a few of us grew up with to land on this blend of ingredients. The biggest controversy really comes down to the Cornflakes element! Growing up Jewish, there seem to be two camps of people: those whose standards include the crunchy topping and those who find it offensive! We decided that we really liked the texture combination with the Cornflakes included – there’s something about that bite of sweet, salty crunch that really makes the dish. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!” – Rachel Miller Munzer, Heather Mojer, & Rachel Sundet. Co-owners, Mamaleh.


This recipe gives back to the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action. The Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action is devoted to engaging the community in promoting civil rights, protecting civil liberties, and achieving social, economic, environmental, and racial justice.


Founded in 2008, in Cambridge, Mass., the Big Dipper Hospitality Group has created some of the area’s most beloved dining spots, such as State Park, Mamaleh’s, and Café Du Pays. We are a family-run, independent, award-winning restaurant group, passionate about hospitality and integrity. We are committed to creating healthy work experiences and opportunities for advancement in the field. The ownership and management team work hard alongside our staff daily and have enacted a food revenue-sharing program amongst our kitchen team.  Mamaleh’s Delicatessen reflects the Jewish heritage of three of the principals and the creativity and entrepreneurship of the entire group. Mamaleh brings to the Boston area a much-needed place for Jewish fare.  All items are made with care from the highest quality ingredients, and most are house-made, as space allows.


15 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 2139

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Mamaleh's Noodle Kugel
Mamaleh’s – Noodle Kugel