Kings Co Imperial – Soy Braised Ichiban Eggplant with Summer Herb Salad


“This is one of my favorite recipes using homegrown Ichiban Eggplants and assorted herbs from the garden.  It’s light and refreshing but still packed with flavor and color” – Tracy Jane Young. Co-Owner, Kings Co Imperial.



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Tracy Jane Young co-owner of Kings Co Imperial in Brooklyn, NY, has a passion for bright flavors and fresh, simple cuisine. She has immersed herself in the culinary world for over 20 years from cheffing around the world on superyachts to overseeing her popular Brooklyn establishment.

Beyond her culinary expertise, Tracy possesses a diverse range of interests. Her commitment to sustainability extends to her love for gardening and beekeeping where she cultivates ingredients for her culinary creations, ensuring the freshest flavors.

While Brooklyn, New York, serves as home base for her endeavors, Tracy divides her time between there and her home in Tesuque, New Mexico, where she loves the mountains, desert, cooking over pinon wood fires & rich cultural & culinary traditions of the Southwest.


20 Skillman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Kings Co Imperial – Soy Braised Ichiban Eggplant with Summer Herb Salad