Chaiwali – Coconut Turmeric Crusted Fish with Spinach Chili Curry


“Protein and fresh vegetables in one meal! I love using vegetables as a non-traditional curry base like the spinach here, and the many “superfood” ingredients like coconut, turmeric, cilantro, and spinach, PLUS all the spicy flavors.” – Anita Trehan. Chef & Owner, Chaiwali.

This recipe is gluten, grain, and dairy free.



This recipe gives back to Live Light Live Right.

“I’m so proud of Dr. Sarita Dhuper, the founder of Live Light Live Right. Dr. Dhuper created this holistic inspired program addressing Childhood Obesity 19 years ago.” – Anita Trehan


Anita Trehan created Chaiwali out of her passion for food, design, and wellness. Part New Delhi, part New York – Anita experienced the rich tradition of Indian home cooking growing up in New Delhi and brought that tradition with her when she moved to New York.

The meaning behind the name Chaiwali stems from the symbolic significance that chai holds to the people of India; chai represents hospitality, heritage, connection, and comfort. For Anita, the synthesis of real chai and real food was her vision for creating this new tea and food culture. “Chaiwali” is a playful riff on the traditional “Chaiwala” – a male seller of tea – to symbolize the woman being the nurturer of the home. A holistic experience, Anita offers a menu that is not only flavorful but healing. Dining at Chaiwali is a sensory experience served in a well-designed space that reflects community and the neighborhood. It is a coming together of many worlds – a new tribe.


274 Lenox Ave at, W 124th St
New York, 10027

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chaiwali coconut turmeric crusted fish with spinach chili curry
Chaiwali – Coconut Turmeric Crusted Fish with Spinach Chili Curry