Holiday Menu – What Our Culinary Contributors Are Cooking In Their Kitchens

Who else feels like they’ve been in the kitchen since Thanksgiving? Well, we’re not complaining because to us, the holidays is all about feasting without regrets! I’m sure we all have our favorite go-to dishes, those fool-proof recipes, the show stoppers, the dishes that comfort you, and remind you of holidays past. We asked a few of our culinary contributors what their most favorite dish is to prepare for the festive season.

danielle dang

“I make the most amazing coconut cream egg nog. I’ll be making some for our guests in December!” – Danielle Dang, HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen

emily hyland

“My former mother-in-law and I would make the Italian specialty dessert Struffoli every year at Christmas, and it was my absolute favorite. I have not made it in years, but answering this question has inspired me! They’re little fried dough balls covered in a honey glaze and lots of nonpareils. It is really fun for kids of all ages to make and such a tasty holiday treat!” – Emily Hyland, Emily Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

ellen kassoff

“Veggie stuffing – I’m still a fan of stovetop – jacked up of course – but I love that stuff! It reminds me of my childhood and that red box appearing around Mid November was such a treat – then I started adding to it – putting me on the path of cooking at home combining shortcuts like Duncan Hines cake mix with my own additions.” – Ellen Kassoff, Equinox Restaurant

miranda kaiser

“Mulled wine. Because it’s alcoholic and makes the house smell nice.” – Miranda Kaiser, Laffa

Jacqueline Pirolo

“I don’t cook much, I am usually in charge of all the beverages around the holidays, however I do love mashed potatoes and I am often put in charge of this dish. While it’s an easy dish, I always make sure to make an abundance because it’s best the following morning with an over-easy egg on top.” – Jacqueline Pirolo, Macchialina

zarah khan

“Welllll the thing is I don’t have a favorite! I like to switch it up based on what I’m inspired by that season each year. It changes, that’s what makes it fun!” – Zarah Khan, Botanica

bettina rouas

“Scrambled eggs with black/white truffles. Depending what is available. It is an absolute splurge and I love truffles.” – Bettina Rouas, Angèle Restaurant & Bar

Amelie Kang

“Usually I’m the pie girl since we are never short of good cooks at gatherings. But this year I want to make a pot roast. It’s comforting and fulfilling, and you know it’s going to be a crowd pleaser.” – Amelie Kang, MáLà Project

alma alcocer

“Pozole Rojo. This is such an easy and comforting soup. It’s commonly served on Christmas eve, but it is generally perfect for any cold weather and feels special enough for the main course on its own. I always serve it with all the extra chilies, sliced cabbage, radish, cilantro, tostadas, and lime on the side so everyone can make each bowl exactly how they want it. This recipe takes a long time, but it’s really hands-off- once you have everything simmering you just let it go forever until the pork is really tender. You could even make it the day before and just reheat it when you’re ready. (Just leave all toppings on the side so they don’t get soggy!)” – Alma Alcocer, El Alma Cafe y Cantina

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