Sweet & Spicy Farewells–Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey ‘Goodbye Pies’

If you’ve been dreading calling it quits with your significant other and you’re looking for a way to soften the blow, Pizza Hut’s got your back (and your taste buds) covered. With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon (times a tickin’), Pizza Hut is here to save you from the awkwardness with a sweet way to deliver some spicy news–introducing Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies.”

Heartbreak That’s a Little Sweet & Spicy

Pizza Hut’s whipped up a tasty treat to smooth over the awkward situation; their Hot Honey pizza is a heavenly blend of marinara sauce, gooey cheese, classic pepperoni, and a drizzle of hot honey infused with chili peppers. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s guaranteed to distract your S.O. from feeling the heartache of a breakup…or at least till the pizza is all gone.

Photo Courtesy of Pizza Hut

Red Tuesday – The Heartbreak Holiday

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about lovey-dovey stuff—it’s also prime time for breakups. Did you know that 45% of people believe it’s best to pull the plug before February 14? And let’s not forget about Red Tuesday, the pre-Valentine’s Day breakup extravaganza. It’s like the Super Bowl of heartbreak.

Goodbye Pies

Pizza Hut’s “Goodbye Pies” campaign is here to make parting ways a little less cringe-worthy and a lot more mouthwatering. From now until Valentine’s Day, you can hop online to GoodbyePies.com and send a Hot Honey pizza straight to your soon-to-be-ex. And hey, why not jazz it up with a custom message on the box—because who says breakup messages can’t be cheesy?

Photo Courtesy of Pizza Hut

Breaking Up Has Never Tasted So Good

Sometimes, words just can’t capture the complexity of a breakup. That’s why Pizza Hut is offering a limited number of gift cards that you can send to your future ex, complete with a note from their “excuse generator.” Whether you’re fleeing to the forest to start a new life among the squirrels or you’re just not ready to share a bathroom, Pizza Hut has got your back (and your breakup excuses).

Pizza wHut!? Campaign

But wait, there’s more! Pizza Hut’s Pizza wHut!? campaign is rolling out nationwide in February, celebrating the brand’s dedication to flavor innovation. With the Hot Honey pizza and wings leading the charge, Pizza Hut is shaking up the pizza scene and adding some extra pizzazz to your love life—whether you’re celebrating or commiserating.

Embracing Heartbreak with Pizza Hut

So, if you find yourself facing a breakup this Valentine’s Day season, why not bid farewell with a Hot Honey pie from Pizza Hut? It’s the sweetest (and spiciest) way to say goodbye to your significant other and embrace the next chapter of your love life. After all, who needs heart-shaped chocolates when you can have pizza?

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