Sara Conklin

Glasserie, Brooklyn NY


Having grown up overseas, Conklin was exposed to
many cuisines and cultures at an early age. The ritual
Friday afternoon Indian buffet in Arabian Gulf, simple
penne rosso in Ticino, the roadside, Pakistani feast at
the back of the gas station in Oman, golden grilled
Halloumi and morning-caught red mullet in Cyprus, her
Lebanese grandmother’s green beans, and uni-don
breakfast of champions in Sapporo, the list goes on.

Conklin honed her professional skills with the Cipriani
empire as Director of Operations, starting with the
world-renowned family business when she was 22 and
exiting only once the plan for Glasserie had been
formulated, over eleven years later. After opening
locations for Cipriani in Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles,
and having a toe in all of their 8 NYC Banquet &
Restaurant locations, she felt ready to embark on her
own Greenpoint adventure in 2011.


95 Commercial St
Brooklyn, NY 11222


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