Cathy Asapahu

cathy asapahu

Ayara Thai, Los Angeles


Ayara Thai in Los Angeles’s Westchester neighborhood was born out of Chef Cathy Asapahu’s parent’s American dream of being their own bosses and doing what they love most—nourishing people with their food. Before Ayara, her parents opened and closed many restaurants, and operated a catering business out of our home kitchen. Cathy and her siblings are the true definitions of restaurant kids: doing homework in the storage room and putting themselves to sleep because their parents worked late into the night. She saw and witnessed all the struggles and the sacrifices they made for them. The business is still all in the family with her sister, Chef Vanda, acting as head chef and owner, Cathy acting as pastry chef, and her mother and father still heavily involved in line work, cooking, and the day-to-day of the business. Her brother, Peter, even lends a helping hand from time to time.


6245 W 87th St
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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