Catherine & Rachel Allswang

catherine and rachel allswang

Le Garage, Brooklyn


Catherine and Rachel have a lifelong relationship with food. It all started back in the 70s on Haight Ashbury in SF, when Catherine in her first restaurant, Le Mistral, would be breastfeeding Rachel while flipping crepes.

Catherine kept on opening several restaurants, such as La Laiterie Sainte Clotilde, Le Sept/Quinze, Chez Graff, Mamagoto, and Le Café de Mars in Paris, as well as Le Mistral and South Park Café in San Francisco.

Rachel took a different path and went into interior architecture. Then one day after realizing this was not her true calling, she decided to change her career and go back to her roots, and open Le Garage.

She knew the best way to do that was to bring her mother on board.

Le Garage is a seasonal affair where produce is sourced locally and the menu reflects the season. The restaurant serves a culmination of Catherine Allswang’s lifelong recipes of French-inspired cuisine, coming from her upbringing in Normandie, caring for the cows and hiding in the kitchen, under the cook’s apron.

Along with her travels around the world, she brought spices with flavors and ingredients, adding a twist to traditional french cuisine.

With Rachel, who grew up with her mother’s palette and experience, working in her restaurants, as well as in a number of top NYC food establishments, she brought her organizational know-how and Interior Design artistic sensibility to create Le Garage.

We can say that Le Garage is an actual, true family affair!


157 Suydam Street
Brooklyn, NY 11221


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