Caitlin Cutler

Ronan, Los Angeles CA


Caitlin Cutler is the co-owner of Ronan restaurant on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. She runs Ronan with her chef-husband, Daniel, where she oversees daily operations and assembles the restaurant’s rotating selection of natural wines. Caitlin’s dream for Ronan is to create an all-encompassing source of hospitality. Caitlin states, “We offer casual but friendly service and food and beverages that provide nourishment without restraint. We strive to honor the farmers who make running a restaurant in Southern California such a rewarding experience.”  Caitlin has been an outspoken advocate for small business relief since the COVID-19 pandemic, with an “open-book” strategy to publicly discuss the financial pressures on her restaurant, specifically targeting the challenges that arose when adapting to a world of takeout and delivery.


7315 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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